Artist Statement

While I entered the BFA program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with the intention of studying photography, an elective in metalsmithing my Freshman year altered the trajectory of my studies and my life. The ability to design and fabricate wearable art was satisfying in a way that I had not considered possible. So absorbed in my craft, the hours would tick away in the metals studio with little notice. I considered that a sign.

Art jewelry is a means of communication, artist to wearer, and wearer to viewer. Whether it is in the form of a medallion or ring, made from found objects or precious metal, jewelry has the power to send specific messages. It may communicate that a woman is soon to be married, a soldier has returned a hero, an individual is remembered…or simply that the wearer wishes to draw notice. While not every piece of jewelry is wrought with symbolism, throughout time we have continued to embrace its ability to express our individuality.

My work communicates my thoughts and desires. Sometimes I use symbols to hint at the things I want most: security, comfort, joy and understanding. Often my work is bold and straight-forward, each word full of resolution. However, once my work leaves my bench it is out of my hands. The wearer completes the process and decides how to adjust and place my work. The work becomes a symbol of one’s identity.

We all have a story to tell. Jewelry provides us with opportunities to connect and share those stories. Though sometimes my intentions may be lost in translation, my greatest hope is that you will discover or, better yet, create your own significance within each piece.